Delcambre Churches School of Religion

Our Lady of the Lake & St. Martin De Porres Church Parishes provide 2 buildings for our Religious Ed. Programs. The Broussard/Jackson (B.J.) Center for Grades K - 5, and the Castel School Building for Grades 6 - 11. We give thanks to God for all our volunteer Catechists who work hard to present the teachings of our Catholic Faith to our youth. We also give thanks to all parents of our youth, who are the FIRST and PRIMARY teachers of the faith, for their "Patience, Participation, and Prayers."

May the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Courage, Council, Piety, Fear of the Lord) continue to be poured out on our Faith Communities, that we might grow in holiness, giving wittness of the love of God by loving one another.

CCD registrations for 2017 / 2018 school year is open.